It’s a sheep world – time to visit Stonehenge Farm Tours

Luckily we found one farm, that was located in Te Anau. There we found a nice farming woman, that showed us her place for roughly two hours. Her father once owned the farm. He used to farm cows there. The farming woman was really informative and she gave us some interesting informations about farming life. You can check the address online when you search for Stonehenge Farm Tours. The farm was about 20 hectares big and there was about 80 animals living there. We could see a few horses, cows, alpakas, pigs and no need to say it: many sheep. One sheep produces about 1 kg up to 15 kg of wool each year.The quality depends on the condition of the animal, the wool color, if it is a medium or a fine texture and of course how long it is.

There are about 3 million people living in New Zealand. About 20 times more sheep are living in New Zealand than there are people. For example when was she talked about the cows, she mentioned that when they urinate on one spot, it causes problems for the soil. Also she showed us the wool quality of all the different animals. The sheep need to be shaved about two times a year. For that wool, she can earn about 40 dollars for one kg. But it still depends on the quality of the wool. For example the wool that is close to the bum is worth less and is about 10 dollars for a kg. Also she told us that the wool that she had there was also used for the clothes of the lord of the rings movies.

My very best experience was that I had the chance to hold one of the lambs and one of the baby alpaka in my arms. That was the first time for me to keep one of those babys in my arms. They were only about two weeks old. Take your chance for vising and feeding all those kinds of diffenrent animals and get to know them and their lives on a farm better. I can only say that they have much freedom there and that they are lucky animals.

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